I’m having an amazing experience


I’m having an amazing experience


My name is Andrea, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Murcia, Spain.

I know the photograph chosen doesn’t seem very interesting, but it means a lot to me. In this picture, I’m at my foster family’s house, and my American mother made it for me a few minutes before I left to attend my first day of school in high school, an American Institute! A high school like so many and so many times I had seen in American films and that in a matter of less than an hour, I would step up for the first time.

I remember how nervous I was that morning of August, how many nerves and how much illusion was inside me!, but I was not the only one in the family with those feelings… I remember my American mother who was almost as nervous and excited about me. I remember how he encouraged me and told me how brave I had been to perform and live this amazing and unforgettable adventure.

The clothes I wear, it’s the school uniform. A few days earlier, my American Mother, took me out shopping, to buy the uniform, school material and a transparent backpack for books, because to the institute I’m going to, it’s an obligation for the student s’ backpacks to be transparent.

And at last, the day has come, the big day! That day, my American mother took me in her car. When we arrived, he wished me good luck, left me and said goodbye. And There I was alone! In a “Giant” Institute (for me, in Murcia, it was a rather small one). A high school with many classrooms, many halls, plants…., and many, many, many students from various races. I thought I was dreaming, and no, I wasn’t, it was me, on American soil, in the state of Louisiana… stepping on a United States Institute!

Almost a year, I was in Spain, making preparations, almost a year imagining, dreaming and waiting for that day…. and that day had come! And for many years to come, that big day, I’ll never forget it.

Although I haven’t been here long, in the United States, exactly two months and twenty days, it’s long enough (for my experience already), to advise all the boys and girls that, if you can, do a school year in the USA. First of all, I tell you, the months I’ve been here have been very short. In this time I have had so many emotions, so many experiences, that, without notice, I have spent everything so fast.


I’m very happy, with the family that took me in, it’s wonderful, they have lovely children, who already love me like a sister, and I’m delighted with all of them.


I want to mention also Patricia, my American Coordinator, for her good reception and support, and to Maite, from my Spanish organization, for all her delivery, kindness, attention, understanding and for always being there… thank you Maite!

Although I have to admit, in the early days of high school I was quite concerned, when I learned that of the seven compulsory subjects to attend my American Institute, three of them would have to be science, such as mathematics, chemistry and biology, subjects that past course I didn’t study in Spain, because I’m a student of letters and that, here I have to do, to get my school year. That is why, by not studying the past course, I was very concerned to suspend some of these subjects, especially mathematics. That was one of the first “surprises” I found. And although at first it seemed hard for me, for now, I’m not having problems, they’re good teachers and working, it can be approved, so I’m telling you, if it happened to any of you, it’s no cause for concern. With a little effort and interest, any “obstacle” you find, is overcome, and makes you more independent. By the way, I’ve already been given my first bulletin and I’ve got good grades. Oh! And another one of my subjects, it’s Spanish, and I’m a teacher’s assistant!!! Something I love and it makes me very happy.

Anyway, I’m having an amazing experience, I’ve never had in Spain and I can never forget. Certainly, I recommend you, and even if you have to prepare a lot of documentation and do a lot of paperwork to be able to come… it’s worth it


Andrea 🇪🇸
exchange student  from Spain
living with the Bakeler family in Youngsville , Louisiana