It has been already 4 months since I came here to the U.S.

It has been already 4 months since I came here to the U.S.


It seems like if it was just yesterday when I got off the plane on the 30th of July at the Kansas City airport and had met the best family I could.

First thing we had done was that we went to the best restaurant I’ve ever been to and had my first original American food.  As we came home, right the next day we had a soccer practice so it was pretty exciting too.

Two weeks after I came school has started.  I found many friends during the first couple of weeks and I’m very thankful for that because they were helping me a lot with finding the right classes.

During school, we were able to go many school trips.  I chose to go to St.Louis.  We went there by cars which took us around 4 hours.  The city was beautiful.  The most unforgettable thing was to go up to the St.Louis Arch.  As we went up there by small, special elevators we were able to see the whole St.Louis and of course from the other side the Mississippi river and the Illinois state.

I hope that I will have more great memories during Christmas and New Year!


Adam 🇸🇰
exchange student  from Slovakia
living with the Minnick family in Chillicothe, Missouri


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