I’ve grown with every second that has passed

I’ve grown with every second that has passed


Just a minute ago, I opened my suitcase, to pack up all of my stuff yet again. The feelings and thoughts running through my head in this very moment is completely indescribable. It’s the best, yet worst feeling…

I had never in my wildest dream thought that I’d ever get so attached to a new place and new people in just ten months. Never have I ever been so wrong… It’s clear to me now, that I was completely oblivious to what an exchange year was actually gonna mean. I’ve grown with every second that has passed, every step I’ve taken along the way, every memory that I’ve created, and every conversation I have had. These ten months sure has changed me, and definitely for the better.

I have no idea where the time went, but now as I’m standing here, the thought about having to leave tomorrow is kinda bittersweet. Because home will never be home the same old way it used to be. I’ve talked, thought and dreamt in another language. I’ve experienced so many new things, that most people in Denmark will never be able to truly understand. I’ve created a second home, not only for ten months but for a lifetime. And honestly, I couldn’t have asked for any better place to be. I’ve been so utterly lucky with my host family, and I cherish all the moments we’ve spent together. Thanks for some of the best of adventures of my life guys – I love you.

I know now that “home” is not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with, and where your heart is. I’m fully aware of the fact that my heart is now split in half, and each of those halves are spread across the ocean.

This place has such a special place in my heart, and it always will. I’m surely coming back with more than what I had before. In my mind, my heart and my suitcase.

I’m being very honest when saying that I’ll never forget this year. I’m extremely thankful for every little thing, and therefore I feel a huge urge to reach out to all of the people who’s been in my life this past year. You might not know it, but every single one of you has had a huge impact on me. So from the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Packing my suitcase is without a doubt gonna be a trip down memory lane. And even though this is the end of my exchange year, I’m assured that this is only the beginning of something wonderful and everlasting.

So to my American family and friends, – I’ll see you again some day.
And to my Danish family and friends, – Get ready guys!


Natasha 🇩🇰
exchange student from Denmark
living with the Grandon family in Ovapa, West Virginia


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