One of the wonderful memories of this exchange program

One of the wonderful memories of this exchange program


Yesterday was my first time to see snow. I went to Santiam Snow Park with my host family. This place is very beautiful, full of snow, happiness, and joy.

We played snow tubing and sledding. We climbed to a higher spot and then slid down with a sled. It was very exciting and fun. I played for so many times, cuz it’s really exciting. The snow is so thick. When I climbed up on the snow, I fell down so many times. Tho climbed up on the snow is so tired, but when I think about the excitement of sledding, my body just stand up and climb again.

I also built a snowman for the first time. Hope the snowman won’t get cold these days. Haha!!! Cuz I forgot to bring its clothes and scarf!!!

Today I just felt very happy. It’s because I saw snow, played tubing and tubing for the first time. I also met some new friends from other countries too. They are so nice.

This day is definitely an unforgettable day for me. I believe this day must be one of the wonderful memories of this exchange program.

exchange student from Hong Kong
living with the Nichols family in Harrisburg, Oregon



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