One year in the United States…

One year in the United States…


… is so much more than just learning about the American culture, experience the school spirit, and learning the language. You’d think you come for one year, live in a random family, meet new friends, and then just leave without anything to it. The truth is, during my year in the US I went through so much more than that.

Yes, the beginning was rough, I had to get used to the southern dialect, which really wasn’t easy, and to all the rules given by my host family, because back in Germany I had hardly no rules to follow. But after the first few weeks all those problems started to solve themselves. My host family is big and chaotic, which was completely new for me and I thought I wouldn’t get comfortable with it, but I fell in love with them. They took me as one of their family members and showed me what the American lifestyle is all about. Through my family I also learned a lot about religion, and there is so much more to it than what I got taught in school.

A big part of my year took place in high school. Not that I just learned how their school system works, I got to experience the people more, who are so much different compared to the people in my country, with their open, direct, and loving way to tell me how accepted and welcome I am. Doing a sport in high school was probably one of my best decisions I have made over here, because I was part of a team we called family. I got close to so many people and we made thousands of great memories together.

My year in the US was with no doubt a success and a growing of myself. I don’t ever want to forget anything that happened during these 10 months.

My host family has taken me to several places and has allowed me to travel with the school and a friend to other places. Since I’ve been here I’ve been to Walt Disney World, Atlanta for a cool tour of a lot of places there, to the mountains in Tennessee, the beach twice in Gulf Shores Alabama. And we are planning on traveling to Destiny Florida to the beach soon. That is just some of the places I’ve seen there is a lot more closer to Alabama I have traveled and seen.”


ICES exchange student from Germany living in Hamilton, Alabama

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