“You can call it an ADVENTURE!”

“You can call it an ADVENTURE!”


After I decided to do this program, it would mean that I would leave my parents and sister, by air across the world, for 12 hours and live in another country with people I had never met, and use another language for ten months—— Just by myself! Could you imagine this crazy idea came from a little princess who grew up under parents’ love? I think at that point that was not me, but I would never know it would be an excellent idea.

Finally, I started my trip. Actually, you can call it an ADVENTURE! I knew from the start all the things were destiny. I did not know what would happen to me and what kind of family I would meet either.

This is the first surprise from my lovely host family. Before I realized it I arrived in the place where I would live for ten months. They recognized me as soon as I appeared and gave me a big, big hug.

Now it’s just a halfway through my exchange program in America, but early on I felt we were a real family. Before, I could not even imagine that I would call other people Daddy and Mommy. They welcomed me as their own child, and that maddest much easier.

My host family is Christian. I go to church with them almost every Sunday and my host Daddy sings at church. They love all-people in this world.

During the second week I came here Texas got a storm. Of course, they helped people who got affected by the storm. I learned love and goodness from them. They gave people help when people needed help, whether they knew them before, or not.

Although life is busy, they are the only people I know who followed through with their heart’s intention.

I have to take English 3 and US History at school. I’m good at art, so I took photography and painting class. At the start of school the subjects were absolutely hard for me. It was because of the language, but I also got great grades in the first semester. I just want to say, nothing is impossible. Just try your best and never give up. I still remember once I told my sculpture teacher that my English was not good enough and she encouraged me that I can come here and take classes. It meant my English is fine, and she also said she can’t speak any Chinese, so I’m really brave to come here.

To come to America by myself is a great chance to learn how to be independent and how to get along with different people, how to solve the problems I will meet by myself and how to take care of and protect myself……

First, I believe if you love someone from your heart, they will love you back. That is exactly what I learned from my host family. They loved me from the start for no reason. They gave me a real family in a strange country. My host mom said they asked God, and God picked me for them.

Second, I always think how lucky I am, my parents respected my crazy decision to send me here. At the same time, I have my awesome host family here, and they love me just like my own parents. To be positive and happy will make life easier.

I always take photos for my host brother and sister. They are the most sensible children I have ever met at their age and they are so cute at the same time.

Third, please smile all the time, it can bring friends to you. Friends will never be too much for you.


Yang 🇨🇳
ICES exchange student from China
living with the Dean family in Magnolia, Texas


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