A relationship to last a lifetime

A relationship to last a lifetime


“Having three young kids at the time, it was hard to imagine having room or energy for a long term guest. But my family and I decided to open up our home to Johanna from Germany and I am so glad we did!

She quickly became a loved and cherished member of our family. We watched her grow in the understanding of our culture as we grew in understanding of hers. She made the most of her experience by joining choir and theatre at her High School. She made a lot of friends and enjoyed becoming an active member of our community. Our kids enjoyed having an older sibling and I enjoyed having someone to watch “The Bachelor” with! We loved taking her camping and to our favorite local restaurants.

Although it has been two years since she has lived with us, we Skype regularly and she will be visiting our family this summer.

We have truly made a relationship that will last a lifetime and we will always be grateful for this life-changing experience.”


Julie Moore
ICES host mom in Parker, Colorado


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