An exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane

An exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane 1 editAn exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane


Exchange students, Mie and Madeleine have had an exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane.  After two days of school, Mie and Madeleine spent the next day shopping and preparing for a Hurricane.  They spend the night at home watching the heavy rain in Sugar Land (near Houston) as Hurricane Harvey hit Texas 200 miles (320 kilometers) to the south.

After the first day the neighborhood streets were flooded and Mie and Madeleine explored a little bit and even went for a swim.  But the rains kept coming and the good times would be short-lived.  The water crept up higher into the yard, and the rains kept coming.  Mie and Madeleine pitched in with the family hauling food and furniture to the second story.

An exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane 2 editOn the second night, the water came into the house and soaked the entire downstairs.  Mie and Madeleine remained amazingly calm in their room or talking with the family upstairs.  By morning the water had receded, but left the downstairs in a mess.  Mie and Madeleine pitched in cutting and removing carpet.

There were a few more tense moments and the rain came up to within less than an inches of flooding again and worries of levies breaking throughout the Houston area.  But Mie and Madeleine remained calm and helpful through it all

After several days of flooding the streets still being used by boats and Jetskis.  Our food supply was getting a bit thin so Mie and Madeleine joined the family walking several blocks through yards for some American pizza..

They are still helping cleanup.  We could not ask for better exchange students…

Shannon Gillar  🇺🇸 
ICES host mom, Sugar Land, Texas


An exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane 4 editThis is Mie’s comments:

It has been a little bit hard start, but I like to be here.  I was actually not afraid because I felt safe.  When the water came inside, I was a little bit afraid for what will happen.  Madeleine and I have helped our family a lot, because the water came inside.  There is a lot of work to do.

It is very annoying that we can’t go to school.  My high school is very big, there is a lot of students.  I have only been in school one day and it was a good day.

I really like to be in my family, I feel at home and they are an amazing family.

Mie  🇩🇰
exchange student from Denmark


An exciting two weeks in America surviving a hurricane 3 editHere is Madeleine’s comments:

Hurricane Harvey was a very impressive and unique experience!  We stayed during 5 days in the house because we couldn’t go outside, so we helped with the repairs, it was a lot of work, but it was the least we could do to help our host family.

The Gillars are really nice, I really appreciate time spent with them and Mie.

Madeleine  🇫🇷
exchange student from France


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