Being A Host Family

Being a host family. It is now the middle of May and in just a couple of weeks Alberto will leave to go home to Spain.


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We have had a wonderful year with him in our home and he has truly become a member of our family. It has been so much fun to watch Alberto experience American life. We have made lots of wonderful memories together.

The very best part of all is that he will always be a part of our family. I believe that we will always keep in touch to some extent. It certainly won’t be like him living with us full-time, but we will keep up with him and he with us. We will Skype occasionally like we did before he came here. We will text back and forth (on WhatsApp – free international texting!)

iDB 29We have new extended family in Spain!

We not only gained a “son” in Alberto, but his parents are part of our family now as well.

We have visited with them via Skype and texted with them also. I hope that we will be able to go visit them in Spain so that they can show us their wonderful country. And maybe Alberto will come back to visit us again, and bring his family too!
Vanessa Kehl
Host Mother, Oklahoma

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