Double the Fun!

Double the Fun!


My husband, son, and I are hosting Martin from Argentina and Nadine from Brazil. Both Martin and Nadine are just here for 5 months. They both leave in a few weeks and we will miss them terribly. It has been quite an experience having three teenagers in our home at once. We are so pleased that the three kids have created an extraordinary bond. They treat each other like true siblings.

We have been fortunate to have some fun adventures together. We flew to Los Angeles for Fall break and discovered California. We went to a jazz concert in Atlanta, visited Stone Mountain, and enjoyed Major League Baseball and Soccer. I saw Nadine blossom like a flower and Martin explore his new surroundings.

Our son now has two more siblings, and we as parents have another son and daughter.

Thank you ICES for an amazing family experience! We are looking forward to hosting another student in August of 2018!


ICES host family; Deborah, Alan, and Harry Ford
Kennesaw, Georgia
Hosting Nadine from Brazil 🇧🇷 and Martin from Argentina 🇦🇷


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