Here we are, 9 months down, 1 to go!

Here we are, 9 months down, 1 to go!


iDB 35It tends to make me a little sad but actually I can’t count all the blessings God brought to me since I came to Texas. I can still remember my first day like it was yesterday and I like to look back and see ho much everything evolved in 9 months.

I met amazing people, starting with my (host) family and I am so thankful that, out of all the family in America, I ended up with the Cummings. It’s unbelievable how fast they made me feel like I’m at home.

I am so happy I get to be the oldest sister!

And even though Hannah and Grant can sometimes be the most annoying siblings ever, I would trade them for nothing in the world. Each member of the family, in its own way, taught me so much and hopefully, they got to learn a little bit out of me too.

Anyways, from day 1, they have been so much support to me and now I can say they will always have a very special place in my heart. This is already pretty amazing but I was also blessed with great friends and church and school and … I could keep going for hours! I am just so glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and it’s crazy how much I got out of this adventure. It cost me a lot of effort and a few tears but what I got back is priceless.

Now, the end is close but I feel rich of all the people I met and the places I saw. And it’s not over yet …

Exchange student from France living with the Cummings in Sugar Land, Texas

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