It has to be hard – It cannot be easy

It has to be hard – It cannot be easy


It always amazes me how teenagers from foreign countries can go to a totally different culture, live with total strangers, go to school and learn in a different language and do so well!

It has to be hard, but I have to tell you the young man we are hosting from Sweden has made it look easy. Bastian has been here in Missouri 5 months. He is 18 and is now living with a host father who will be 71 next month and a host mother who will be 68 soon. His parents back home are younger than our youngest son.

It cannot be easy. We get tired, “cranky” and tend to want to stay in our routine. However he never fails to make us laugh every day and show us how much he appreciates us sharing our “space in the world” with him.

Our biggest problem with him is wondering what on earth we will do when he leaves next summer.


Donna White
ICES Regional Director, Missouri


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