We’re in the middle of something most people could only dream about

We’re in the middle of something most people could only dream about


It very clear to me that we’re all just searching for something “perfect”. Sadly, the pursuit of happiness, makes us blind. We forget how much we really have. I’m guilty myself. We start taking things for granted, because life’s filled with new and breathtaking opportunities. And these opportunities create expectations, about what we need. When in the end, we have all we need. And even more.

I’m talking for all exchange students when I say that we’re in the middle of something most people could only dream about.

And then, what are we complaining about? Not being busy every day? Not having everything we want? Not living in New York city? We forget what’s important, and what’s not. The things just mentioned should not determine happiness. It’s about the people we’re surrounded by. In our cases, a family who opened their homes for us. If that’s not an act of kindness and love, then I don’t know what it is. We need to start focusing on what we have, instead of what we don’t. Also, this program is called an “exchange, so if we want a great and unforgettable time, then we need to put some effort into it. The best and most beautiful things here in life, can’t be seen or touched, they must be experienced and felt with the heart.

Speaking for myself, I couldn’t imagine any better place to be.

My host family has a very special place in my heart, and I love them to death. I basically feel like I’m middle of some dream. It’s hard for me to express the way I feel, they’re just such a blessing to me. I’ve always believed in faith, but it’s like they’ve put even more meaning into that word. It started out being great, and it keeps on getting better with every single day that passes by. I was completely oblivious to what I had signed up for back then on October 17th, 2016, was going to change my life as much as it did. I mean it with all my heart when I say that I’m forever thankful that I was given this opportunity.

Sometimes I even wish time would slow down.

That the days were a little longer. That’s when I try to remind myself to slow down, and truly appreciate every single day, hour, minute, and second. We need to remember to enjoy every minute of our lives. To be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy. We need to face the fact that the perfect moment won’t just appear, we need to take the moment and make it perfect. That’s when we create the best moments and memories. Think about how precious this time is you have to spend. Every second should be enjoyed and savored.

I can only hope and pray that I won’t wake up anytime soon…


Best regards,

“The sunbeam”

exchange student from Denmark 🇩🇰
living with the Grandon family in Ovapa, West Virgina

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