Hosting an exchange student has been an amazing experience…

Hosting an exchange student has been an amazing experience…   … for my family, but it can be challenging at times. You think everyone teaches their children the same way you teach yours, but that is so not the case. At first we were all excited looking at children, reading their stories and trying to find the right one that … Read More

My first Mother’s Day

“On this day a year ago I was the only “adult” woman sitting in church watching all the other mothers line up to be recognized.   It hurt my feelings because I didn’t know what it was like being a mom. I have fought the emotions of wanting my own child. I always say it will happen when it’s gods … Read More

Being A Host Family

Being a host family. It is now the middle of May and in just a couple of weeks Alberto will leave to go home to Spain.   We have had a wonderful year with him in our home and he has truly become a member of our family. It has been so much fun to watch Alberto experience American life. We have … Read More

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a new host family?

Here is a great story from one of our new host mothers this year in Arkansas – and how this has changed her life.   “Late last summer a friend of mine told me she was hosting a foreign exchange student. I was intrigued and started asking all kinds of questions. Less than a day later I had decided to … Read More

To Host… or Not to Host

Host what? Foreign Exchange Students! Why?   We would like to share this nice article written by one of our ICES host mothers in Iowa. Linda Deutmeyer was host mom of senior student Victoria from Spain during program 2014-15. Victoria appears on the picture. She is presently in Iowa attending College. Linda and Victoria have maintained a strong and loving relationship. … Read More

The power of One

By Misty Howse, Gui’s host mother and ICES Local Coordinator in Alabama     I yelled from the sidelines, so excited, as Guilherme (Gui) scored the first two goals of the game for the Cullman Bearcats in the 3rd round of state playoffs. Just three days earlier, he had made the winning goal that pushed his team on toward the … Read More

Chaos? What Chaos?

The Weiler family experience hosting a foreign exchange student   Four kids, two in high school and two in grade school; a farm with around 75 animals, not counting the dog and two cats; all the goings on of daily life with a couple of parents who work full time. If that’s not enough chaos, we have recently relocated from … Read More

It has to be hard – It cannot be easy

It has to be hard – It cannot be easy   It always amazes me how teenagers from foreign countries can go to a totally different culture, live with total strangers, go to school and learn in a different language and do so well! It has to be hard, but I have to tell you the young man we are … Read More

Our Life Through Fresh Eyes

Our Life Through Fresh Eyes   Our family decided in Spring 2015 to host an exchange student for the 2015-2016 school year. When we started telling friends and family, we kept getting asked things like, “Aren’t you worried about the effect on your family of having someone else living with you that you don’t know?” And, “Don’t you think you’ll … Read More